What We Do

The practice has assisted civic, commercial, institutional, and corporate clients with a variety of public affairs and public policy challenges. Some examples are:

  • Land-use Conflict Resolution
  • Strengthening Recruitment and Retention tools for human resources department
  • Zoning/Permitting /Transactional Approval Analysis and Support
  • Economic/Fiscal/Community/Infrastructure Impact Analysis
  • Business/Institutional Partnering and Coalition-Building
  • Advocacy: testimony, lobbying, political intelligence
  • Communications Strategy and Execution
  • Niche Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development

What Sets The Perman Group Apart

  • Being organized, paying attention to detail, and executing both the large and the small things.
  • We are driven to provide the best information available and we present our reasoned findings clearly.
  • We deliver facts rather than entertainment.
  • We are focused, analytical, and methodical.
  • We bring system and consistency to disorganization.
  • We craft ideas and proposals but we also invite criticism and even dissent in discussions about what we are offering and in pursuit of the truth.