Real Estate & Economic Development

From 2000-2008, The Evanston Chamber told the story of Evanston’s real estate development and leveraged the coverage to help support zoning approvals of several major mixed-use residential and institutional projects.  Under The Evanston Chamber’s economic development advocacy efforts, Evanston captured over $1 billion of new private and public investment (just in projects worth >$2 million).

San Jose Mercury News – 5th largest circulation daily newspaper in the U.S.      (July 28, 2002) editorial encouraging San Jose to emulate Evanston’s downtown success. Earned media and letter with editorial sent to Evanston business community.

2003 Evanston Community Guide featuring mixed-used residential real estate boom: Conceived and wrote article, distributed to 30,000 Evanston households       and businesses.

Chicago Tribune Magazine (July 11, 2004) issue with three articles showing the positive benefits resulting from Evanston’s building development.  Earned media including quotes and photos of Evanston Chamber members.

Press Release announcing Evanston named by BusinessWeek Magazine       (March 27, 2009) as one of the top-50 best small cities in the U.S. for startup businesses. Earned media, distributed to business community and local media, earning additional coverage. Later in 2009, Forbes Magazine named Evanston one of the top 25 places to live in the U.S. among towns with less than 100,000.